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About Tirthan valley

Tirthan Valley Tirthan Valley is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 1600m, along the Tirthan River is a spot with unadulterated beauty and pure splendor. The small valley has plenty of possibilities for the curious tourist in its unpredictability If they prefer to go on a particular trail or another, wander through the woods, or walk through the Tirthan river, or take part in an adventure-based activity.

What Makes The Tirthan Valley Worth Visiting?

You’ll be free of any worries of your life with the serene escape in the Great Himalayan National Park ecozone and offers an idyllic setting in which you can completely be away from the world. Many activities, such as trout fishing, hiking bonfires, camping, trekking and photography are ideal in this Tirthan Valley.

The ecotourism sector has seen significant growth in the past 10 years. Many of the most tourist hot spots are located close to each other, such as Kasol, Tosh, Manali, Kheerganga, etc. However, Tirthan Valley is still considered to be a less sought-after tourist destination. So, despite the wealth of fun activities there, you are likely to find peace and tranquility in the area.

Many exciting and fun activities are offered to tourists.

They include:

  • the rope, rappelling, or jumaring rock climbing
  • All day and night hikes
  • crossing the river
  • Anglers and fishing for trout
  • Photography
  • Bird watching at the campsite
  • Kayaking
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • watching the stars
  • Whitewater rafting
  • riding on a horse

Where do you think it is in?

On the alternative road that connects Kullu to Shimla via Shimla, the Jalori Pass, Banjar or Tirthan is situated. In the end, you can enjoy the thrilling ride through and over the Jalori Pass and simply complete the entire circuit starting from Manali across the Tirthan Valley and then Shimla and Mashobra in one journey.

The timing is perfect to visit Tirthan Valley

However, Tirthan is a lovely and tranquil, laid-back and pleasant place all the time. However, from March to the month of May when spring is here it’s simply beautiful and relaxing. It is stunning and beautiful. Tirthan Valley’s stunning natural splendor will amaze anyone by its abundant apple orchards. So, the spring season is the perfect time to visit Tirthan Valley.

A summary of our trip

  • Duration Two nights, three days in Tirthan Valley, plus 2 more nights of travel
  • City of departure: Delhi (Majnu ka Tila at 5:00 pm)
  • Travelers can book any from the Star as well as 3 Star resorts along the river in the scenic Himachal Valleys. These valleys are located at an elevation that is 2500m higher than sea level. There are also alternatives for camping.


Day 1. Banjar (or Tirthan Valley (510 miles; 12 hours) from Delhi

An aerial view of Tirthan’s stunning Banjar Valley

At five hours in late afternoon, the excursion towards the Tirthan Valley starts starting from Majnu ka Tila in Delhi. A AC coach is utilized to travel the nighttime journey towards Tirthan Valley.

 Day 2: Visit an adjacent waterfall for a lookout

A tourist treks to a waterfall near the Tirthan Valley

on the morning of your arrival in the morning at the hotel in the morning of your arrival. Make sure you register and are ready. You will be transported down to the rest area by the river. A week of rest and getting used to the environment is offered. It is possible to participate in specific water sports here including river rafting.

Then, you will be taken by a two-kilometer climb towards the waterfall. The waterfall is an ideal place to relax and soak. Then, you’ll be taken through the park to, where you will be able to take part in games like badminton and volleyball. The motel has a restaurant and allows guests to stay for the night.

Day 3: Serolsar Lake and Jalori Viewpoint

Image from Serolsar Lake in the Tirthan Valley region.

You’ll be taken for an excursion towards the Jalori Pass following a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel. It is possible to enjoy taking in the stunning 360-degree views that overlooks The Kullu Valley and the Great Himalayas from here. Then, you’ll be taken back to the hotel in the night. Along with some entertainment and food sit around an evening of bonfire. The motel has dinner service and guests are welcome to stay for all night.

Day 4 The day 4 of the trip includes a visit to the Great Himalayan National Park and getting back to Delhi

The photo was captured in the Great Himalayan National Park near the Tirthan Valley in its lush surrounding

Breakfast is followed by check-out from the hotel. Then, head towards the Great Himalayan National Park for sights.

Enjoy a few hours in this national park prior to taking the long journey back to Delhi. On the following day your arrival in Delhi at a very early time in the morning.


Have a look at the entertainment that’s waiting for you during your next weekend getaway in BanBanjara Tirthan Valley before continuing to read. So , why are you in a limbo? Take a trip to Tirthan Valley to enjoy an exciting vacation, away from the stress of life in the city. However, Tirthan Valley is an uncommon place in Himachal Pradesh.


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