Crafting Inspirational Spaces With Architecture Firm


Architecture Firm is an award-winning design, planning, and interior firm dedicated to crafting inspirational spaces through design. Their design process takes into account each site’s context while emphasizing creating a sense of place within the communities they work in.

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Invent Architects

Invent Architects, a renowned architecture firm in Coimbatore, excels in crafting inspirational spaces that leave a lasting impression. With a team of talented architects, we bring creativity and expertise to every project, delivering innovative designs that meet the unique needs of our clients. 

From residential homes to commercial buildings, we combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating spaces that inspire and elevate. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that each project is executed with precision. Trust Invent Architects to transform your vision into reality, as we redefine architectural excellence in Coimbatore and beyond. Experience the power of thoughtful design with our reputable architecture firm.


studioplusthree’s three founders share an affinity for culture, craft and making. By drawing on individual perspectives for projects designed by studioplusthree in Sydney-based practice studioplusthree quickly rose. AR interviewed one member of this trio – Simon Rochowski – about running such an established practice successfully.

With their quick and perceptive design approach, this firm creates human-centric spaces built upon smart ideas backed by research. Their interdisciplinary team strives to push boundaries while thinking innovatively and crafting inspiring places for communities around the globe.

Studioplusthree’s specialty lies in residential and cultural projects with a strong emphasis on quality, sustainability, and craft. Their projects reflect both people’s relationship to their environment as well as the inherent challenges and opportunities inherent to building in urban settings.

Studio One was engaged on its inaugural renovation of a house in Marrickville, NSW. Their renovation created a light and airy space while preserving original Federation features, opening up access to both its garden and city context. Their architects used a limited palette of materials and furnishings for an experience-led renovation that ensured a smooth transition between old and new spaces while still meeting client desires for privacy and intimacy.


“Atoma,” the title track of this album, is an atmospheric, dark track that could easily fit in Paradise Lost or One Second-era DT tracks. Blackened but melodic riffs dance against shimmering keyboard notes while Mikael Stanne adds his rasps for added presence and remote grandeur.

Atoma, released by heavy metal band Dark Tranquillity in 2016, features lyrics about how its protagonist won’t tolerate unjust attacks against his community and encourages listeners to stand together regardless of differences in values and opinions.

Bookstores and retail structures comprise an important aspect of their work, including Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette Store, Chongqing Zhongshuge Bookstore and Yanngzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore projects. Their aim is to inspire, transform and enliven urban environments through this work.


Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates LLC has donated its architectural papers to Yale’s Manuscripts and Archives Division as part of the Eero Saarinen archive, creating an accessible portal into its history from 1966 until 2019.

KRJDA specializes in major projects across the US, Europe and Asia by providing master planning, programming, architectural design, interior design, working drawings and specification services as well as construction administration services. Their designs include 38 corporate headquarters buildings, three hotel/apartment buildings, eight museums, numerous research facilities theaters schools factories performing arts centers as well as private residences – their work has received multiple international accolades.

One of their greatest achievements was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where they led museum planning and expansion efforts for four decades. One of their masterpieces is Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court with large French sculptures displayed among pave floors made from Massangis Clair stone and walls decorated in Vilhonneur limestone for an immersive aesthetic and tranquil environment.

Ballman Khapalova strives to understand the interaction among humanity, elementality and urbanism while applying this indigenous knowledge into architecture projects of every scale and program. Each project represents an original composition of these components.

Hill West

The Pacific Northwest fosters an active pioneer spirit with an appetite for risk and an abundance of project typologies and designs, while cultivating an appreciation of craft which marries aesthetic sensibility with economic means to deliver maximum meaning – this approach allows architects to design spaces that have a sense of place that surpasses style.

Clayton Korte designs environments that celebrate their environment by merging architecture, interiors, and authenticity into spaces that engage all five senses. Their projects are informed by rigorous research process as well as creatively thoughtful projects which engage all five senses. Their team is inquisitive, conscious and above all passionate; always open to new creative perspectives within colleagues or clients for inspiration.

Hill West was established in 2009 as Goldstein, Hill & West Architects (GHWA). Today it stands out from its competition with innovative tower designs that dominate New York City skylines. Hill West boasts an experienced team of designers from various backgrounds with expertise spanning multiple fields.

CetraRuddy is founded on the belief that design has the power to transform communities and inspire the human spirit. Their 100-person firm believes in holistic, integrated designs which take into account context, culture and purpose; with projects ranging from residential to commercial as well as cultural/civic.