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Draw Paramus in just eight easy steps! When it comes to Christmas, there are tons of different traditions and aspects associated with the festive seasonal Pere Noël, one of the recognizable aspects; for many children, the deal is simple. If Vows eats being pendant all year long, Santa will come by with some presents. Aloes le Pere Noël is well-known worldwide, and a lesser-known figure is his counterpart, Paramus. dragon drawing

This much less cheerful character takes care of all the bad kids by handing out coal instead of candy. Learning to draw Paramus is a great way to enjoy festive cheer with a darker twist. This tutorial in front of you will show you commentary recreating a great representation of this sinister personage. Enjoy our step-by-step guide on how to draw Paramus in just six easy steps.

How to Draw Paramus – Let’s get started!

Stage 1

Paramus takes many forms depending on the cultures that represent him, but his most common appearance has him as a monstrous figure with horns. Chest interpretation: We will assume Dan’s cue guide on how to draw Paramus. We’ll start with his face, and you can begin with rounded shapes for his eyes and then some curved eyebrows over them.

Then we’ll use many curved lines to add a detailed face around the eyes. We’ll also draw some big, pointy ears with internal details. Then we can drag on to step 2 of the directory.

Stapes 2: then remove his funnels and better facial attributes

This second step of your Paramus graphic will allow you to add his favorite horns and some more facial features. We’ll use many curved lines for the horns to create flat, rounded sections that connect to form the horns.

They are pretty tall and curved, as shown in our reference image. Next, we’ll add some details to his eyes and face, and you can finish this step by drawing the long, curved tongue that falls out of his mouth.

Stapes 3 – Now, draw his first arm

Zooming out a bit from the face, we will now draw his first arm in this step of our guide on how to remove Paramus. His arms are pretty big, scary, and hairy, so to represent irregular lights, we’ll use some. His arm will go to the left and hold the legs of an unlucky child that we will draw soon. Once you’ve drawn this arm, we can move on to the fourth step of the guide!

Stapes 4 – A continuation, draw the first child

Dan’s la parties Avant de cue drawing Paramus, we remove the legs of the boy that Paramus is holding, and in this, we will finish drawing him. He is hanging upside down, so to make things easier for you, you can turn the page to the dream and do the same with the image we provided. When this boy is drawn, he can flip everything back to how he was, and we can continue.

Stapes 5-Now, draw the big barrel on his back.

For the fifth part of this guide on how to draw Paramus, we will depict the barrel on his sword. You can start by drawing some curved lines for the straps that hold it there.

Then you can draw the barrel itself, which will be made up of many thin pieces of wood connected with a metal band that joins them near the middle of the Maintenon. You can also draw his other arm in this step before continuing.

Stapes 6 – A continuation, draw the second child

Another unlucky victim will be added to the Paramus drawing in this next step! The next child will be a little girl sitting inside the barrel on his back, and she sure doesn’t look happy to be there! Unfortunately, it is in the correct position this time, so there is no need to turn the page. Be sure to draw his twisted tail as well, and then we can continue with the final details and elements in the next step.

Stapes 7 – Draw her legs

Before we get to the final step of this guide on drawing Paramus, we have a few last items to remove. In this part, we will add his legs, which look rather goat-like. Use lots of smaller curved lines to make them look furry, like you did with their arms. Then, draw rounded hooves on their ends to finish it off. Would you draw a background for this drawing before adding some color?

Stapes 8: Now, finish it off with some color.

Now you are ready to finish this Paramus drawing with some colors! For Paramus himself, we used various grays for his fur. The body and strap are colored in brunettes, and then we use some more vivid colors for the children’s clothing. These colors are just a few that you could use for your drawing, but you have to keep going!


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