Bhagwati Resort One Of The Best Resort In Mount Abu


Bhagwati Resort in Mount Abu is situated at an elevation of 1,700m above sea level and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Located between Kurukshetra and Jodhpur, it’s the perfect destination for families with children who can enjoy all sorts of recreational activities here. There is also plenty of accommodation options, including hotel rooms, apartments, cottages, villas with outdoor gardens, etc.

bhagwati resort one of the best resort in mount abu. Bhagwati Resorts offers various types of vacations ranging from family getaways to romantic retreats. It has many other exciting packages as well that you can have during your stay. Apart from being one of India’s most popular destinations for couples, there are many fun activities in Bhagwati Resort, such as water rides and horse riding. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor games with Bhagwati Resort because it is equipped with a tennis court, golf course, basketball court, kiteshop, and more.

The first attraction is the Himalayan River which flows through Bhagwati Resorts providing natural river scenery. This is a beautiful landscape filled with greenery that makes this environment ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature. Many hotels in Bhagwati Resort are located along the river but you can reach them by boat or jeep.

If you’re looking for a hotel room for a weekend visit, then pick a hotel on the river side. Another place to be is the Indian Museum of Modern Art which was built by renowned architect Ravi Shastri in 1926. Here you can see some of its beautiful sculptures and paintings. These sculptures include those of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, and Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

The next place to visit is Bhagwati Hotel, where you can order different kinds of Bollywood movies and watch. Also, you can enjoy Bollywood food and drinks at Bhagwati Restaurant.

Another spot to check out is the famous Dharamshala Park which is located near the riverbed. A lot of people come here to ride their bikes, enjoy picnic, relax in the green forest, and even take their dogs and cats out. Plus there are other places close to Bhagwati Resort that will make staying in Bhagwati Resort memorable. They are called Panch Ganga Falls and Chidlun Falls. All these falls provide amazing views and make sure to get a permit to go ahead and walk along this route if possible.

Apart from these attractions, you can also enjoy boating, fishing, trekking, and skiing in Bhagwati. Another nice feature of this location is that it provides a range of entertainment options for your children. You can choose between kids camps, hiking trails, rock climbing spots, etc. For a relaxing holiday, you can choose between four rooms, each with its own bathroom and a separate kitchen. Your stay in Bhagwati will definitely not only be memorable and safe but also a worthwhile experience. Here you can enjoy your stay in Bhagwati at an affordable price.

bhagwati resort one of the top 5 hotel in mount abu. Bhagwati Resorts has been established since 1948 which is when Mount Amritsar fell. Over the years, it became known as the ‘Hotel of the Mountains’ and today it is a tourist destination. It has over 600 lodges in 50 countries.

Some of the top hotels in the region are the King House Inn (Kolkata) and Royal Suite Hotel (Nagpur). Many hotels in the industry are focusing on eco-friendly practices, including Green Courtyard Hotels, Sathya Nagar Hotel in Mumbai, Laila Palace Hotel in Patna, Raja Plaza in Delhi, and more. To know more about Bhagwati Resort, you can click here to explore its website.


Bhagwati Resorts is a lovely resort to spend your vacation in Mount Abu. There are plenty of restaurants and shops, which make staying in Bhagwati very convenient for busy couples and single professionals. So, it would definitely be a great choice!


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