Automate After-sales Service With Field Force Management Software

Field force management
Field force management

Universal Fact — for a business to thrive, it is essential for its customers to be satisfied. Companies can gather brownie points from their customers by providing them with the right and on-time service. Automating the whole process with the help of field force management software can help companies deliver on their promise.

“After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. It is through such services that one gets permanent customers.” — Konosuke Matsushita.

It has been reported that good customer service can help companies increase their sale by up to 62% through referral marketing.

What is After Sales Service and How Important is it?

After-sales services are assistance that a company provides the customer after purchasing their service or product. These services can include any advice customers might need or repair and replacement in case of damage.

Companies ardently follow the rule — Customer is God, and it is vital to please God. To do so, companies are required to provide good after-sales service. By doing so, companies can ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

You will be shocked to hear that 75% of customers are inclined to buy from a business that can provide them with good after-sales service.

Providing up-to-mark after-sales service is not only good for customers but also essential for companies as

  • It helps to increase the company’s brand value as more customers can trust the services and products manufactured by the organization.
  • Your company can gain the upper hand in the competitive market through outstanding after-sales services.
  • Companies can get genuine feedback through after-sales services. This is beneficial as it will clarify what the customer is looking for.
  • But most importantly, after-sales services can help in the growth of the company.

Problems Companies Face With After Sales

Failing to meet the after-sales service expectations of the customer can negatively affect the reputation and business of the company. Around 50% of consumers switch to competitors after a bad experience with the company’s customer service.

Now we don’t want that, do we?

So it’s better to know what hurdles you might face in providing your customers with outstanding after-sales maintenance.

Slow Response Time

Making your customers wait to receive assistance is a big no. This waiting period can leave the customers feeling dissatisfied. As a result, they will be forced to switch to competitor brands if they can get better customer care and service.

In a survey, 80% of customers said they want a quicker response from the companies.

Sadly, many companies believe that after-sales service will not yield them any profit, and that’s one reason they don’t pay much attention to it. But this is not true.

Wrong Services and Solutions offered

Cases of sending a wrong service person are high when the whole process of assigning is manual. This can further increase dissatisfaction on the part of the customer as the executive is not efficient enough to solve the problem.

This can happen because of two reasons. First, the company’s customer representative was not actively listening and failed to understand the customer’s problem. The second could be because of the lack of automation. As a result, the dealer is unaware of his on field executives’ skills and strengths,


Asking for honest feedback during after-sales service is the way to go. The challenge is delayed feedback. Due to the manual process, it can take weeks for the feedback forms to reach the company, resulting in companies not being able to act on it.

Prioritizing customer feedback can help your company retain them and their interest in your products.

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Errorful Process

The process of assigning a technician manually is long and slow. Resulting in chances of disparity in information by the time it reaches the dealer. This can cause the dealer to dispatch a technician or service personnel unfit for the job.

Unable to Track Executives

Dealers have difficulty keeping track of all their on-field executives. This further causes them problems in accepting and scheduling more after-sales services. And neither are they able to track and utilize their executive’s potential fully.

They are constantly on calls trying to get hold of their technicians to know their whereabouts and task updates.

Automate your After-sales Service with TrackoField

When integrating automation into your after-sales tracking services, many people imagine the deadly scenario of robots answering calls instead of humans. But that is not the case.

Automation is simply a solution to achieve more productivity and efficiency in the working of your employees. It removes the need for repetitive and meagre tasks, resulting in more time, and cost-effective working for the employees and organization.

Through automation, the chances of human error reduce dramatically, and the speed of executing tasks increases significantly. Already 68% of the workforce feels that automation has eased their burden of work.

Custom Forms and Digital Documents

TrackoField has a remarkable feature of custom forms, eliminating the need for them to carry physical forms for each customer. And they can fall short of falls if asked to service an extra customer urgently. In addition, there are chances of these forms being lost or damaged which may cause harm to the company’s data collection.

Custom forms can be feedback forms that the customer can fill out digitally. This helps the feedback forms instantly reach the company, allowing companies to take action immediately.

Analytical Reports

The field force management solution has successfully simplified dealers’ work by automating each employee’s reports. In addition, these reports are real-time, reducing the time managers wait to view the work progress.

The best part is that these reports are insightful and accurately tell employees’ productivity levels and efficiency. The dealer can easily know each technician’s strong points and weaknesses — this further help in assigning jobs. Through the help of these reports, the customer will get exactly what they had asked for.

Alerts and Reminders

On-field employees will automatically be alerted of any changes in the schedule or addition of tasks. The reminder feature helps notify executives of their upcoming appointment through the field force management software application. If the executive has to purchase repair tools for servicing the customer, they can do so timely.

Live Tracking Executives and Tasks

No more stressing over tracking your field executives. Through the admin application of trackofield, dealers can automatically track their field force in real time.

Through the field force management solution, dealers can geo-verify whether the executive went to the customer through live tracking. Even the task list can be tracked in real-time. This is great for checking the productivity of the executive.

Excel in After Sale Services With TrackoField

Now that you know that good after-sales service is the key to winning over your customers don’t let the challenges stop you. You can easily avoid the abovementioned obstacles by automating your company’s after-sales service process. By automating with field force management software, you can provide speedy and efficient services, thus satisfying your customers.

Only when you invest in good field force software can you enjoy the benefits of automation. TrackoField is the country’s leading field employee management solution, offering you more than you can ask for. Get a demo now!

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