Aftermarket vs OEM products | BMW Aftermarket Parts


Automobiles are increasing rapidly with innovations every day. Among these, car owners are exploring their options for the best available spare parts for high performance and safety. They are also looking for uniqueness and desire to stand out in the crowd with additional features offered by companies. Top-notch options can be placed under two major categories: aftermarket parts and original equipment manufacturers. With supercars rolling over, BMW aftermarket parts are increasing in demand. Here are a few parameters to help you access what serves you best.

BasisAftermarket partsOEM parts
Built materialAftermarket parts use multiple building materials, from traditional steel to modern carbon fibers. They are way ahead in using carbon fiber than the original car manufacturers, bringing you almost every part to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle. They are more adamant about being built in traditional metals, though the industry is adapting more carbon fiber parts. These parts are manufactured by the same company that produces the car. 
PriceIt varies greatly in aftermarket parts. Since many companies are in production, each has its own price depending upon the built quality and manufacturing cost. OEM parts have fixed prices that undergo little variance unless there is a huge rise in building material or transportation. In that case, the company updates the price list for all its dealers.  
CompetitionThere is high competition among auto market producers. Since they are sold at multiple retailers who also offer other products, the companies have to offer supreme quality to sustain themselves in the market. Manufacturer parts are specific to the car model and do not face competition. A company’s part will only fit into its car and cannot be adjusted to any other model or company’s product. Since there is no competition, the quality of the part can be compromised without affecting the sale.
VarietySince they are not bound to any company policy about design, they offer a great variety to customers. Aftermarket parts are flexible in departments like color, material, display etc.Most importantly, they make customer-oriented parts and offer more customization as per the demand. BMW e90 mods are in great demand in modern times.OEM parts are universal for all stores. They work as directed by the company and rigidly follow instructions. They only introduce new parts in their latest launch of different cars or a variation in the same car that is officially built by the company.  
Availability Aftermarket parts are available from most dealers and can be easily arranged.Spare part stores are flooded with these parts and have frequent order placements.They can only be bought from a genuine brand shop which is at limited locations in a region. In case the part is unavailable at your nearest workshop, you will have to wait longer since the OEM parts are delivered in slots and have a fixed schedule of dispatch.
Warranty They have a shorter warranty period than the OEM parts. However, with the use of carbon fibers, many companies have extended their aftermarket part warranty period close to the manufacturer’s part, like for BMW e90 partsThese parts come with a fixed warranty period that is easy to avail from any genuine part dealer. They offer great service and easy replacement if the part is sincerely damaged.
Additional accessoriesAftermarket parts have built their special market of accessories that are yet to be launched by car manufacturers. This makes them the perfect choice for the modification of cars. They make your car highly customizable to match your dream of upgrading your supercar with BMW e90 accessories. They are limited to useful accessories that ensure safety and comfort. Though you may find some parts to decorate your dashboard or protect your doors from scratches, OEM parts are unlikely to achieve the freedom aftermarket parts offer. 


With the rise of BMW aftermarket parts, more car owners are switching to carbon fiber by replacing the existing OEM parts for better performance and cost efficiency. This is leading to the high demand for such products to enhance the modification capability of any car model.