5 Towing Tips for Beginners to Drive Safely


When towing a trailer for the first time, it can be a challenging experience. There are a lot of things to check before using it, like checking the tires, lights, chains, and coupler connections. More things need to be done before you begin drive safely the trailer. For example, you can get the trailer fixed with Kemppi Welding Machines before you use it for towing. 

Here are some safety tips to help ensure that you drive the towing trailer safely. 

Preparations Before your Hit the Road

There are a few things that need to be addressed before you hit the road. You need to check the hitch receiver, trailer hitch, and hitch ball so that everything meets the expectations of the weight that needs to be towed on the trailer. Then you need to back up the pick truck to the trailer. 

There is a variety of trailer connections that you can find like if the connection is the fifth wheel, make sure to lower the tailgate before backing up to connect and before disconnecting. With a conventional bumper pull-up trailer, be sure that the tailgate is up. 

Making Connections

Before you connect the trailer, make sure that connections that need grease are greased. When you grease the hitch ball, it will greatly prolong the life of the towing trailer. Hook up the trailer once all the connections are greased. 

Then you need to plug in the lights, connect the chains, and connect the breakaway cable. Once everything is connected, check the lights on the tow vehicle and trailer. Some new Commercial Industrial trailer have an automatic system built in that allows you to run a check-up from the driver’s seat with the help of a display screen. Another thing is to ensure that the load is properly secured and won’t break under acceleration.

Check the Brake System

Most importantly check the trailer brakes. If the trailer truck has a trailer brake controller or electric brakes then you can push the pedal and shift into drive. Apply the trailer brakes, release the tow vehicle brakes and let the tow vehicles roll forward until they stop.

It may take a few yards for the trailer brakes to apply properly. If the truck does not stop within a few yards, check the wiring connections and the trailer brakes. 

Drive Attentively 

When driving a truck with a trailer, the driver needs to be more attentive. You need to ensure proper loading and connections so that the driving is not stressful. When towing, make sure to make wide turns. The trailer will cut corners sharper than the tow vehicle. 

You need to be extra attentive when making right turns because right turns are typically sharper. Make sure to be aware of the width of the trailer since many trailers are wider than the tow vehicle. So there is less room for errors when keeping the vehicle in its intended lane.

Use Your Mirrors

New drivers should rely on mirrors more when driving a tow truck. Have mirrors that extend past the width of the trailer. Otherwise, there could be blink spots that could create problems when making turns. 

If the tow vehicle does not have wide mirrors, you can buy extended mirrors to attach to the existing mirrors.