4 Ways to Turn a Slice of Bread Into Dinner


If it’s almost dinnertime and you’re hungry, or your kids are hungry and you didn’t have time to go grocery shopping—consider calling the quickest fresh bread delivery place in town. 

A few pieces of bread, even old bread, can be quickly transformed into dinner. Here are 4 delicious methods to do it:

1. Make bread soup

One of the simplest, coziest lunches in the world is a bowl of delicious soup topped with a slice of crusty bread. 

A quick version can be made by heating bone broth, chicken broth, or even water, adding some aromatics like garlic, onion, ginger, or spices, and simmering it for a few minutes. When ready to serve, slide a slice of toasted or crusty bread into each bowl and, if preferred, cook a few eggs in the broth.

Garnish each person’s bowl whatever they like: with spicy sauce, lemon or lime juice, fresh herbs, grated cheese, etc. The kids will enjoy picking their own add-ins. The bread absorbs the hot soup on a chilly winter night and becomes spoonable.

2. Turn it into “pizza”

Now that we’ve discussed clams, let’s get back to the family-friendly dinners. Do you remember the French bread pizza? If you have a whole loaf, you can make pizza. However, you don’t need to go all out to make bread for a “pizza” dinner; all you need is some sauce and cheese. 

You may pretend that any bread, including sandwich bread, pita, and English muffins (of course), is “pizza” by toasting it, spreading tomato sauce on it, and then melting cheese on top of it. 

If you have leftover chicken or meat, add it for extra protein. You can also add leftover roasted vegetables or a few sliced olives if the kids will eat them.

3. Go the avocado toast route

Avocado toast is on trend here since it’s a delicious way to put together a healthy little meal and it looks adorable. Keep this meal as easy as possible by simply spreading avocado slices over toast or mashing them.

 You could also add some corn and salsa to add some vegetables. and you won’t ever run out of recipes for making a slice of bread into a meal. 

4. Put an egg in it

It goes by the names toad-in-the-hole and egg-in-the-middle. Simply cut a circle in the center of a slice of bread, place that slice of bread in a hot, buttery skillet, and crack an egg into the center of it. Flip it after letting it settle.

Yes, we are indeed going very near to the sandwich zone. However, a fried egg on top of some toast makes the ideal quick meal. You’re truly cooking when you put some bacon and a few tomatoes that have been pan-seared on top of the bread.

As soon as you flip it, sprinkle whatever cheese you have on hand on top of each; the cheese will melt while the other side cooks. Then, serve right away.


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