4 Things That You Need To Bring For Addiction Rehab Process


Entering and staying at drug treatment centers is not an easy process. You mentally and physically need to prepare yourself for the addiction treatments. Not only this, you need to bring the necessities with you to make your stay comfortable. Read the article, as I have recommended a list of items that you should bring to your rehab center.

Comfortable Clothing

Most of the rehab programs have specified dress code, so be aware of that while packing the stuff. If there is no such restriction, then pack clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable. Pack clothing items that do not require special washing or dry cleaning. If you are not certain about the weather conditions, then go for layering options. 

Bring at least one coat, cardigan, jacket, and woolen jersey with you. Keep in mind to pack the basic T-shirts. Also, bring a pair of easy slippers, shorts for warm weather, a belt, hats and socks for cold weather, and lastly, a bathrobe for your privacy. Don’t overpack because you may have limited room and closet space so pack wisely.

Personal Hygiene Products

Do not forget to pack your personal hygiene and toiletry items in your bag. Most rehab centers only allow alcohol-free items. You can bring deodorant, face wash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and female hygiene products that are free from alcoholic ingredients. You probably don’t want to surround yourself with alcoholic items. If you are a girl, then you can bring hairstyling products, sunscreen, beauty products, and some makeup to develop a healthy routine for yourself during your rehab program. 

A Journal

I would say a journal should absolutely be on your packing list. When you leave your home for addiction recovery, you feel homesick, irritated, alone, and tired all the time. You spend most of your time in therapy sessions and systematically thinking about your recovery phases. In such an event, you want to talk to some person, share your thoughts, or at least talk about the pain you are constantly going through, however, writing a journal is not a bad idea. 

This way, you get to avoid inevitable thoughts and openly express yourself on the papers. Also, bring your favorite pen with you to keep you motivated for writing. As a result, you get to rebuild constructive thoughts and ideas for yourself and to learn from your past mistakes. This kind of individual activity allows you to pin down all the good and bad personal experiences. 

Reading Materials

If you are someone who loves reading, then you should bring your favorite books, magazines, manuals, comic series, or newspapers with you to get yourself back to normal life. Your rehab center may provide you with the reading materials to divert your mind from substance material, but bringing your reading material is a nice idea to speed up your recovery phase. Self-help is the key motivating factor to ensure any treatment process. That’s why it is suggested to read books that boost positive and inspirational thoughts about life. At the end of the day, you will be grateful for what you have in life!