Wooden Footed Board | Tips & Tricks To Assemble it Perfectly


Numerous times you’ve scrolled through Instagram, seen a gorgeous meat and cheese board, and then wished you knew how to create one yourself. Right? Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party or a more low-key weekday supper, a footed board is a great way to wow your guests in a simple and affordable manner. Here, we have outlined some tips and tricks so that you will be able to prepare a gourmet feast for your next get-together. 

Tips For Making an Ultimate Serving Board

Putting together a tasty meal or mini charcuterie board does involve some planning, but the process is straightforward once you get the hang of it. You must follow these tips to impress your guests:

  • Pick the Platter

Start by picking a board, tray, or dish to use as your base. The durability and elegance of wood and marble make them ideal options for charcuterie boards. The form is completely up to personal taste. However, you should think about how it will look in relation to the other components of your board.

  • Don’t Overload It

The greatest meal boards offer a variety of healthy nibbles and snacks, but you don’t need hundreds of products. If you’re building a snack board for a group, start with these five staples. Distribute the goods among a board, platter, baking sheet, or plate, increasing the quantity for more people. Please restock the board when items are eaten. 

  •  Balance the Board

If you want your board to last the whole dinner or party, it’s best to fill it with items that are suitable at ambient temperature. It is suggested that you include at least one of the following:

  • A healthy item

Don’t forget the fruits and veggies. It’s vital to include healthy options when assembling a charcuterie board since the aim is to strike a balance and create a whole meal out of simple nibbles.

  • Cheese

Go to a specialty cheese store if you can afford it and are close enough to find one. Approximately three to five cheeses total, including at least one each of hard cheese, soft cheese, and blue cheese, are recommended. Guests will have more to choose from if the board has a variety of foods with color blocking and tastes. 

  • Meat

Add some finely diced cured meats of different kinds. Set them out flat or in loosened rolls so that attendees may easily grab a bite to eat. You can add smoked, cured, or preserved meats on the footed board. 

  • Alter It According to Occasion

Before deciding what to put on your board, think about the event. It’s simple to spruce things up for special occasions without overdoing them. A few upscale additions, like smoked salt, Marcona almonds, and/or a pleasant jam or honey, will really improve your board. The simpler the meal, the more appropriate it is for a relaxed gathering. What’s more essential is that they’re balanced in flavor and presentation.

  • Emphasis on Design

Consider color and texture when arranging your board since these factors influence our appetites. People won’t be interested in a board all of one hue. And if every piece on the board has the same texture, they won’t be engaged for long. Have something colorful, such as cut-up vegetables or chopped hard-boiled eggs, to add visual interest to the spread. 

Want To Buy a Beautiful Footed or Charcuterie Board

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