What are The Pros of the Google Reviews Widget for Brands?

Google review widget

Let’s start with an example. Imagine you wish to visit a cafe for the first time. What’s the first thing you do? It’s obvious you visit Google, search the cafe and see reviews. Why do you think you do this? Well, of course, you do not want a bad experience. 

You filter your search by location, exact name of the business, etc., and depending upon the reviews you see, you create an image and take a decision. You select a cafe that has maximum positive reviews and when you visit, you are not disappointed. So yes, Google reviews are a big deal. 

Having a powerful online presence and credibility is the most integral thing for brands. Google reviews depend on the brand’s performance and its growth depends on Google reviews. To improve growth, marketers have been constantly looking out for new and creative ways. 

Now that we are aware of how important Google reviews are and to what extent they influence our potential audience, why not embed the Google reviews widget on website? Reviews are nothing but user-generated content that is extremely authentic and genuine. 

How to reap better results from Google reviews?

By embedding user-generated content on your website using social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, you stand out from the crowd and hold a chance to enhance your online presence, build trust with authentic content, boost the website traffic, and score high SEO rankings. 

Develop the most creative and attractive widgets with the most relevant content and allow your visitors to enjoy not just your Google reviews but also their website experience. 

Let’s now come back to the importance of Google reviews and dig deeper to reap the results. 

Pros of Google reviews widget for your brand

Here are the major benefits of embedding Google reviews on your website. 

1. First and foremost, trust

With the increasing rate of fraud around the world especially with online brands, it becomes essential to build a positive brand image to overcome this situation. And this is done by embedding Google reviews on the website. This builds trust and develops a loyal customer base. 

By providing reviews on the website, you portray how transparent you are and as these reviews are of existing customers who have first-hand experience with the brand, it motivates potential clients to make favourable purchase decisions. 

2. Score better SEO ranking 

Getting a high SEO rank has become essential to promote your brand in the market. As we already know how important Google reviews are, optimizing your content and making it SEO-friendly is the key. One of the major benefits of embedding Google reviews is that it enhances your SEO ranking and proves your credibility. 

3. Get more CTR 

To top the charts of the search engines, getting more clicks and improving your click-through rates are important. Google reviews motivate users to click on the link and boost your CTR. embedding Google reviews is a resourceful approach to boosting your click-through rates.

4. Ace brand awareness 

With improved SEO ranking, people see you more often and think of your brand. They tend to talk more and increase your awareness. By making yourself more visible, you build an image and people start to recognize your brand. 

5. Build personal relationships with users 

When people voice their opinions, you get a better understanding of what your brand stands for in the eyes of your customers. Customers feel their importance and get a feeling of how much they matter to you. This improves the brand-user relationship and improves the overall brand performance. 

6. Boost website traffic 

UGC is the most trustable form of marketing your brand. People engage with reviews more than anything, and by embedding Google reviews on the website you give them an edge to explore more. This way users end up staying on your website and visiting it more often. 

7. Level up your online presence 

With more reviews and displaying them on your website, you show how credible you are. You show them that your brand can be trusted and you don’t have anything to hide. Getting negative reviews is a part of UGC that cannot be eliminated, the way you respond to it and showcase how you handled the situation also builds trust. 

With increased trust you automatically improve the brand’s online presence, reaping more conversion rates and loyal clientele. 

Wrapping up!

Curating the Google reviews widget is extremely easy and does not require any coding expertise. All you need is to just copy and paste the generated code into your website backend, and voila! The widget is live and functional on your website. 

With the analytics feature, you can track, measure, and analyze the widget’s performance. You get insights about the number of impressions, click-through rates, and much more. You can make the necessary advancements in your widgets and keep them updated according to your audience to keep a constant engagement rate. 


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