Vastu Shastra Tips to Boost Positive Energy in your House


If you want to make your house a home, you need to ensure that your house radiates the right kind of energy at the right time. You can connect with a Vastu consultant who will help you with all the vast strategies; as per the number of typical beliefs, every home comes with its energy. A person dwelling in a house comes under the influence of a specific point that influences them in one way or the other. 

Hence, understanding the link between Vastu and your home is essential because it helps boost positivity and good vibes. Additionally, you need to know that a Vastu consultant online can help you understand the link between Vastu shastra and your house.

As per the Vastu consultant, some tips to boost positive energy in your house are mentioned here.

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Vastu shastra tips for Entryway

As per Vastu consultant online, the main entrance to the house is the entry point for your family and energy. Ensure the area is always lit well, and avoid painting the main door black. Additionally, you need to know that the entrance door of your house must be made from the best quality wood. It should be unlike other doors in your home and must look appealing. It would be best if you never placed any fountain or other decorative water element outside your main door. 

You should not place any shoe rack or dustbin outside your main entrance, and a bathroom should not be near the entrance. It would be best if you always decorated your door with fantastic name plates and torans.

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Vastu shastra for Spirituality

Designing a room in your house for meditation and prayer will ensure some spiritual growth. It is always essential for you to introspect and connect with your higher power. The house’s East or North East part is perfect for yoga, meditation and spiritual uplift. Facing east while you meditate will increase the positivity in you. You can create a sacred space and decorate it with candles or incense sticks. Vastu consultants online in India will help you with some tips for spirituality and Vastu shastra.

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Vastu shastra for your Living Room

The living room in your house is a place where the majority of the activity takes place. It creates a favourable or unfavourable first impression whenever people visit your home for a social gathering. Hence you need to ensure that your living room is always clean. When it comes to Vastu shastra and your living room, you need to confirm your living room is facing East, North East, or North. Heavy furniture must be kept in your house’s West or South West direction. You should install all the electronic appliances in the South East part of your living room. If there is any mirror in the room, ensure that it is always positioned on the North wall.

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Vastu for your Courtyard

The unique feature of any ancient Indian architecture, as per Vastu shastra, is brahmasthan. It is the centre place of your house, considered one of the most powerful and holiest places of the house. The part of your house must always be spotless. The wrong placement of your kitchen or bathroom or the pillar attracts negative energy, which could adversely affect your family life.

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Vastu for Bedroom

Experts offering tips for home Vastu suggest that minor things can turn your fortunes in a blink of an eye. Vastu shastra shows that working on your bedroom space can bring positive energy and improve your relationship with your better half. It would be best if you avoided a bedroom in the South East zone of your house. Generally, the bedroom in the South West direction helps bring good health and prosperity. 

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If the bedroom is placed in an improper order, it might lead to quarrels among couples. If the bed is in the South West corner of your bedroom, your head should be facing the east. It would be best if you never put a mirror or television in front of your bed because it shows your reflection when you are in bed. It can lead to a fight or domestic eruptions. It would be best to paint your bedroom walls in neutral shades as it radiates positive energy. You should prevent painting your bedroom walls black.

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Additionally, you should avoid having temples or paintings displaying water or fountains in your bedroom, as it can lead to an emotional outburst. Instead, it would be best to use mood lighting and burning aromatic lighting to create a calm aura in your bedroom. Considering these tips from the best Vastu experts, you can ensure that your home is full of positive vibes and you don’t have to worry about anything. Your entrance should always be well illuminated, artificially or naturally, to ensure a feeling of positivity in your house.

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A clean entrance will help attract positivity to your house. You can get a lot of light through the structural inclusion of a window next to your entryway. Sunlight is a form of bringing positive energy. Washing the entrance with rock salt-infused water prevents the entry of any negative energy into your house.

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