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Eyeware Collection & Myopia Control

1.Eyeware Dita

Although you can’t see the teams of designers, research and development, or the number of months it took to make a pair of DITA frames. But you will always feel its presence when you hold it in your hands. Which is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury eyewear brands are judged.

DITA has had the unique pleasure of serving the world’s most discerning clientele, challenging the old guard, and forging singular relationships within culture, style, sport, and entertainment; affirming the brands’ position as individual as the product it creates.

Solely for those who seek the highest quality and dare to wear them, Dita will always remain an eyewear brand that is highly sought after.

Optika Optometrist is proud to be an authorized retailer for DITA.

Eyeware Dita is now available in Optika Optometrist.

2. Eyeware IC! BERLIN


Hand finished in Berlin piece by piece, ic! berlin produces their eyewear from a 0.5mm thin stainless steel sheet metal. And the best part of the eyewear has to be the patented hinge design which is uniquely by ic! berlin only. The hinge design successfully avoids the use of any screws, welds, or glue in the construction of their frames, and it allows the eyewear frame to be dismantled totally and being able to assemble it back again still. The combination of materials and unique techniques allows the frame to be light, flexible, and virtually unbreakable. So what you get is a pair of perfectly comfortable and durable eyewear frame!

  • Now, what is so special about the patented hinge design?

Thanks to the hinge design, ic! berlin does not break. Even if you accidentally sit on them, step on them, drive over them, the worst that will happen is the temple pops off. No stress – in 2.4 seconds you can just clip back in like nothing ever happened.

Optika Optometrist is proud to be an authorized retailer for ic! berlin.

ic! Berlin is now available in Optika Optometrist.

3. Eyeware THOM BROWNE

He began his business with five suits and with a small by-appointment-only shop in 2001 and introduced his ready-to-wear collection in 2003. His traditionally based hand-made suits have evolved into collections recognized by museums around the world including the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Fashion Museum in Bath. Browne’s innovations in tailoring have been identified with impacting the paradigm of men’s and women’s fashion.

The Thom Browne collections for both men and women are available through Thom Browne stores in New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong as well as at luxury designer speciality stores around the world, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Colette and le Bon Marché in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo and New York, Mr. Porter, Selfridges in London and Isetan, Hankyu and United Arrows in Tokyo.

Optika Optometrist is proud to be one of the authorized dealers for Thom Browne’s eyewear range, which comes in both optical frames and sunglasses.

Thom Browne’s is now available in Optika Optometrist.

4. Eyeware Yellows Plus

Produced since 2003 in a tiny family factory in Fukui, Japan, Yellows Plus give a contemporary twist to classic shapes through the superior technical refinement of materials used. Designed and hand made in Japan, Yellows Plus uses the purist titanium and the best acetate material available in the industry. The Japanese are always the best at sourcing, milling, refining and working on titanium and acetate material.

Yellows Plus also claims that their eyewear is “more Asian than ever” (says its creator), suggesting assertiveness and an accentuation of the Japanese style. I would like to put it in this way,

Yellows Plus is now available in Optika Optometrist.

4. Myopia Control


Myopia also known as shortsightedness, or in mandarin translated as

is a condition whereby the light/image entering the eyes is wrongly focused, which leads to the elongation of the eyeball (increase in axial length), and causing blurriness in distant objects. Increasing or uncorrected myopia among children, will affect their academic performance and learning process in school. There is also a higher risk of eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and retina maculopathy if myopia progresses into high myopia (more than -6.00 diopter).

Based on a research done by our optometrist Mr Darren Toh with Prof. Dr Norhani Mohidin of National University of Malaysia (UKM), the estimated prevalence rate of shortsightedness among schoolchildren (with Chinese ethnicity) in Malaysia is at an concerning rate of 49.4% and will continue to rise in the next 5 years.



Myopia tends to be more prevalent in East Asian ethnicity especially Chinese ethnicity.


Myopia tends to run in families. Children with either one parent who is myopia are more likely to be develop myopia as well.

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