Meinl Cajons


Cajóns, also called box drums, are gaining in popularity all over the world. Invented in the 1700s by African slaves in Peru, it is now being used in all kinds of music. Due to the portability, affordability and the coolness factor, I think we’ll see even more people playing the cajón in years to come. If you’re looking to buy a Cajon kaufen, I’m writing a series of articles on the different options available.

The biggest names in drums and percussion’s are making cajóns: Pearl, Latin Percussion (LP), Meinl, and Schlagwerk among others. Possibly the most popular is Meinl probably due to the quality and affordability.

Several different lines of cajóns

Meinl has several different lines of cajóns with the Headliner series priced at just over $100. These are made of rubber wood, a more inexpensive wood than their higher end cajóns which feature birch contraction. But for the price, it’s an easy way for most musicians to experience the versatility of this great instrument. These use snare wires, like the kind in a snare drum get a sizzle effect. There’s also an allen key included to adjust.

Meinl makes a Build Your Own Cajón kit for around $50! It has detailed instructions and videos online. It’s definitely a fun weekend project for someone who is handy.

It also lets you customize the final look and feel of the cajón. By the way, the kit includes the higher quality birch wood but you may need to have some clamps of your own to get this really solid. And for affordability, you can’t beat it.

Their Traditional String Cajóns use a guitar string running along the faceplate. These too can be adjusted with the allen key and a screwdriver.

Modern Snare Cajóns

Meinl makes a line called Modern Snare Cajóns which have an easier way to adjust the snare wire tension. On the side of the box is a knob to dial in the exact sound you want. Pretty convenient! These are also made of rubber wood and different face plates including ebony, ash and even one of fiberglass.

Their highest end cajóns are the Artisan Cajóns. These do look beautiful and are like sitting and playing on a high end piece of furniture!

By the way, all of Meinl’s Cajon lernen come with rubber feet to protect the instrument, and your floor!

I hope you explore the magical world of the cajon. See you at a drum circle, or on stage or on the record.