List of the Top Mobile App Development Firms

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Otter Pr Reviews: As mobile solutions become more important to the success of your business, your choice of app developer becomes more important. It can be exhausting to look for and check out potential partners. To help you with that, here are the top mobile app development firms that you can opt for to develop a mobile app for your business. 

Top mobile app development firms 


Simform is a company that makes software for specific needs. It was started in 2010. They have helped start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and NGOs that are backed by the WHO. The team of more than 250 people gives their clients digital solutions. They offer services like artificial intelligence, API integration, a dedicated software development team, and software testing.

Cheesecake Laboratories

Otter Pr Reviews: Cheesecake Labs is a partner in software design and engineering. It makes tech products. Since 2013, they have been making apps in both California and Brazil. Over 100 designers, engineers, and project managers from different fields work together with clients to make software solutions. 

The company offers full-service development for iOS, Android, and the Web. This includes UI/UX design, backend engineering, project management, testing, launching, and maintenance.


Sidebench is a company that helps with strategy, design, and development. It is based in Los Angeles and has a team of more than 70 experts. Sidebench was started in 2012 and works with enterprise companies and new businesses that want management consultants and experienced founders, the technical skills of systems architects, and a focus on the user experience (UX). 

Sidebench has a fully integrated product delivery team that makes apps and websites, designs UX/UI, designs websites, and tests apps.

Creole Studios

The year 2014 saw the start of Creole Studios, an IT company. Their main office is in Singapore, and they also have offices in Sola Ahmedabad, India, and Hong Kong. Most of their customers are midmarket or enterprise businesses in well-known fields like media and entertainment. The team of 30–35 people focuses on developing mobile apps, making UX/UI designs, and making websites. ​


Otter Pr Reviews: Iteo is a digital product company based in Poland that focuses on making mobile apps, websites, mobile platforms, frameworks, and CMS platforms, as well as programming, scripting, and UX/UI design. The agency was started in 2011 and works with small, mid-market, and enterprise clients in many different fields, such as financial services, consumer products and services, and business services. There are about 25 experts who work for the agency.

Indium Software

Indium Software is a top provider of Digital Engineering solutions with deep expertise in Application Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Digital Assurance, and Gaming.

With more than 3000 employees in multiple locations in India and at client sites, Indium puts technology to work for clients and drives measurable business value.

Which Is the Best App Development Company?

Indium software is known to be the best app development company.


Otter Pr Reviews: There are a lot of mobile app agencies, and a few of them seem like good choices to work on your dream project. But only a few of them may fit a fraction! The question is how to tell if a business is getting what it pays for. 

So, before you sign up for mobile app development services, make sure you do your homework and find out which company fits your company’s needs for making a mobile app the best.


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