Fun and Interesting Things About Marriages in Jain Matrimony

Jain Matrimony

Ever wondered, what’s the most special and funny part about living with your betterhalf after Jain matrimony marriage? Well, we are here to tell it all. Keep reading to know!

Marriage is one of the most sacred alliances in Jain traditions. No matter how much you hate your partner at times, you will always need them by your side. Although differences, conflicts, and silly fights are regular among couples in any marriage. But these same things will make your partnership worth a lifetime. However, apart from tolerating each other every day, couples also do these funny things unintentionally. You can also do these things with your partner to keep the spirit alive. Wish to know more about it? Keep reading to find out!

Blaming is Fun at Times

Imagine doing silly things and getting sad about it alone. Not good, right? Now, imagine having a cute little idiot by your side and blaming him/her for everything. Even if you know you are wrong, it is no harm in blaming the half share of your fault on your betterhalf!

However, there is a thin line between doing it for fun and making it a habit. On a serious note, one should take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them. It is crucial for a happy marriage. But it is your sole right as a life partner to not accept mistakes for your silly messes like leaving the key behind after locking the door, getting late while getting ready, missing flights, etc. No human is perfect. But you need not accept that in front of your spouse.

Using them for Literally Everything!

Your life partner is not just your go-to person for everything but they are also suitable for everything. For example, you can use them for handling the awkward situations in a room full of people, they can be your driver, milk person, house help, project assistant, and whatnot!

But the important point is that you shall never forget to appreciate your partner for always being there for you. Also, you should do the same and be available with them whenever they are in need. Consider it a perfect Jain matrimony marriage when you two are understanding each other and stay together no matter how hard it is for both of you. 

They Have to Listen

You two are making a perfect Jain matrimony couple when both of you are listening to anything and everything your partner has to say. Also, it is fun and reliving to not think twice before uttering any unreasonable, silly things to your partner. You can literally wake them at 2 at night and start talking about your irrational fears, bad days at work, food cravings, favorite movies, etc. 

The best part is that they have to listen to you and can they even complain? Also, they will be your best guide and well-wisher to guide you through any difficulties. Moreover, you need not keep your grudge against anyone inside. You can almost bitch about anyone without any fear of getting judged by a person. 

Best Travel Partner

Tired of your friends canceling on you? Well, that’s clearly not a scope for your betterhalf. They are the only ones who will do everything in their means to accommodate their plans as per yours. Moreover, you need not worry about your check-in luggage, money issues, food, keys, etc all alone while traveling. Your spouses will be there for you to take care of these things as well. 

All you have to do is to bag a high-paying job and travel around the world with your best companion by your side. It is not just fun to travel with your life partner but also a short break from daily life will also rejuvenate the air between you two.

So, marriage is not just about abiding yourself with tons of responsibilities. There is much more to it. The above given are some of the exciting and fun ideas after your marriage in Jain matrimony. You can add many more to the list depending on your mood and relationship with your partner.

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