Duties And Responsibilities Of Private Security Guards


If you run a business or you are an office supervisor and site supervisor, you are accountable for the safety of the people who work at your facility.

It is more important than ever to safeguard those under your supervision, especially given the increasing rate of crime at the present.

These responsibilities mustn’t be dismissed lightly. One of the best ways to protect what is important to you is to use non-armed security guards.

People feel more secure with security personnel around. Their presence can provide an additional degree of security. Visitors feel secure when security guards are visible within and around the vicinity.

It would be best if you were looking for an agency for security that employs security guards with previous experience. The best protection possible for your business can be obtained through mobile guards.

A List Security unarmed security guards can aid you in reaching your security goals irrespective of whether you run an unassuming business, manage a construction site or supervise residential communities.

Our security guards who are not armed are among the most trained, fully vetted, and background-checked working in the security industry. They’re full of skill as well as knowledge and experience.

Our security professionals are unparalleled in securing places of all sizes and shapes. The security personnel can protect everyone else if a person is aggressive.

Duties And Responsibilities Of Mobile Security Guards

Many business owners believe they can only provide the highest level of security by employing security guards with guns.

But this isn’t the only option, however. Security guards who aren’t armed could be the best option for your requirements for various reasons.

When regular security monitoring is mandatory, and security guards with guns in a particular location can cause anxiety, mobile security guards are vital.

These include malls, universities, jewelry stores, art galleries, and other public spaces. Security personnel working without weapons are gatekeepers. They decide who is granted access to and who is permitted to access a specific building.

Guards without arms are typically ex-off duty or former members of the police or military who can handle a variety of security threats.

Guards without arms usually watch for small-scale theft, monitor container, and product display cases, and observe the customers to ensure that there are no legal violations (such as theft of merchandise).

They will also report any unusual behavior or suspicious people who visit the premises to the manager to ensure that swift action can be taken if needed.

Certain security guards keep records of guests’ credentials by asking the visitors to present identification documents or identification cards and recording the number of vehicles.

Security guards without arms should be alert and watchful for any suspicious activity and use their judgment to decide when they should need assistance.

Maintaining peace and ensuring mobile security Calgary among the attendees is another duty of mobile security guards when large gatherings are held. They do their best to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance and to avoid the possibility of a crowd.

Most of the time, there will be no guards with guns visible to you, but that doesn’t mean the place isn’t secure. The main security in some public spaces is offered by non-armed security personnel.

They also assist people who need help. Security guards not equipped with weapons serve to stop crimes but not combat the perpetrators.

A security guard who is not armed can perform many of the same tasks that armed security guards do but with the difference that they don’t have weapons.

Security guards’ duties and responsibilities go beyond simply monitoring, patrolling, and alerting authorities of illegal behavior.

Sometimes, security guards without weapons are employed to perform a specific job that involves collaboration with the authorities responsible for protecting cash or other assets.

They must secure the merchandise while it is traveling. In addition, they may be expected to complete certain tasks, such as conducting errands or responding to texts from work, answering phone calls, and many duties.

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do In The Case Of An Emergency?

If a crime is committed or other people violently assault a person, security guards are expected to call the police to handle the situation.

Security guards without weapons can temporarily detain individuals when a situation escalates into violence or when there is any reason to believe an arrest is justifiable.

Security guards will require the help of police officers in the area if the suspects carry guns. Since the delay in assisting could lead to deaths in such instances, it is imperative to exercise cautiousness and sound judgment.

Thus, guards who are not armed must be swift in contacting the police in any difficult situation. If a customer is violent, security personnel can provide security.

But, security basics aside, security guards who are not armed should also undergo CPR instruction in case of a need.
Costs are a growing issue in the eyes of business leaders. While having security personnel with arms is important, it could be expensive.

Armed security guards are less affordable for small businesses that don’t have huge budgets and those that don’t operate in highly risky situations.

An individual who provides security for businesses and people with no firearms by patrolling is known as an mobile security officer.

He is always responsible for mobile security services. It is easier to work with security guards who are not armed by being aware of their obligations.

Although there are instances where we believe that it is unnecessary, These trustworthy people do their jobs to ensure that everyone as well as you.

While the public often ignores them, security personnel who are not armed provide an essential service to each company. The first line of defense against angry customers, criminals, or unwanted visitors is a non-armed security guard.


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