Don Lemon


Don Lemon has spent nearly two decades at CNN as an anchor and reporter, beginning as prime-time host for their flagship program “Don Lemon Tonight” before transitioning into morning show “CNN This Morning” last November.

He was recently the subject of numerous controversies, such as making offensive comments against Nikki Haley – former United Nations ambassador and now Republican presidential candidate. Subsequently apologetic and agreeing to receive formal training.

Born on March 1, 1966 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Don Lemon Net Worth is an esteemed American journalist and news anchor who has garnered numerous awards during his distinguished career. Born March 1st 1966 in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Don has received many acclaims throughout his time.

He is a member of Ebony Power 150 and an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College where he teaches and participates in curriculum designed around new media. He earned a degree in broadcast journalism at this college as well as attending Louisiana State University.

Don Lemon was raised in West Baton Rouge and Port Allen by his mother Katherine Lemon Clark and two sisters: Yma and Leisa. Her mother married Wilmon Lee Richardson who played an instrumental role in their lives until 1976 when they moved into an apartment within the city limits of Baton Rouge.

Educated at Louisiana State University

Don Lemon began his journalism career at an early age and has become one of the nation’s premier news anchors. Known for his bold opinions on various subjects, Don has received numerous honors for his media work and continues to garner great respect from his peers.

He is an African-American journalist and television news anchor currently residing in New York and hosting Cable News Network Tonight with Don Lemon.

Lemon first joined CNN in September 2006 and has covered numerous breaking news events since then, such as George Zimmerman’s trial, Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Osama Bin Laden’s death. Furthermore, Lemon has held politicians and public officials accountable in his “No Talking Points” segment.

Worked at WCAU in Philadelphia

Before becoming a host at CNN, Don Lemon worked as a reporter at WCAU in Philadelphia. There, he covered both local and national news stories – such as the 2005 space shuttle Columbia disaster – including local and national stories like 9/11/01 attacks and Hurricane Ivan.

He also reported on global issues like Hurricane Katrina and the AIDS pandemic in Africa – earning three local Emmy awards for his reports on these topics.

Born March 1st 1966 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attending Baker High School. Later obtaining his degree in broadcast journalism from Brooklyn College. Later enrolling at Louisiana State University.

Worked at WBRC in Birmingham

Before becoming best known as the host of CNN Tonight, Lemon made his mark as a television journalist for years. Beginning as weekend anchor for WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama – before moving onto work at Philadelphia and Chicago affiliates of NBC.

Don Lemon graduated with a Bachelor’s of Broadcast Journalism from Brooklyn College. Additionally, he studied at Louisiana State University and has published various books since.

Don Lemon is an esteemed African American journalist renowned for covering numerous major news stories, such as the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and Boston Marathon bombing. He has won multiple Emmy Awards for his reporting – including an Edward R. Murrow Award recognizing coverage of Washington, DC sniper capture – as well as being honored as one of Ebony magazine’s 150 Most Influential Black Americans of 2009.

Worked at CNN

Lemon became famous for his outspoken political commentary during his eight-year run at CNN. Although known for making controversial remarks, he managed to remain popular among executives during Jeff Zucker’s regime even after ratings decreased and major guests abandoned his show.

Lemon frequently clashed with his colleagues over their opinions. Kaitlan Collins took offense at his suggestion that U.S. men’s soccer players should receive more pay than their female counterparts and this triggered an angry on-air spat involving both her and co-host Poppy Harlow.

Lemon’s tenure at CNN abruptly came to a close Monday morning, shocking both staffers and management alike. CNN Chief Chris Licht issued the news via memo.