How Many Clothes Should a Woman Have in her Stylish Wardrobe


If you are a loyal reader of Mademoiselle Grenade’s journal, you know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a Stylish Wardrobe that suits your style, functional, F and elegant. We regularly recommend that you own a few trendy pieces to have an up-to-date look and also invite you to own basic pieces. Basic clothes are useful for easily putting together timeless, feminine, and stylish outfits. Here is a Rundown of 10 Clothes that Every Woman Stylish Wardrobe.

1. Jeans an Elegant Garment

Are jeans an elegant garment. Absolutely Jeans are a basic and essential piece in the feminine wardrobe, as can the little black dress. It truly serves as a basis for designing feminine, elegant and fashionable clothes outfits. We advise you to take a little time to shop in order to find the one that, perfectly adjusted to your figure, will flatter your morphology.

Dark-colored jeans are more versatile and therefore easy to wear. They go perfectly with a blouse, a sweater, a more casual sweatshirt or a chic jacket. If possible, try to find one with a bit of spandex for the perfect clothes fit. Tip The so-called “flare” or “boot-cut” models are preferred to rebalance broad hips or thighs. They also have the advantage of pairing perfectly with shoes with heels.

2. T-shirt Stylish Wardrobe

Like jeans, the T-shirt has become essential in a modern stylish wardrobe. However, you must wear a perfectly fitted T-shirt If it is too lose it will not enhance your figure and if it is too tight it will undermine your elegance.

When it comes to color, don’t hesitate to be bold. Shyness will have no effect on your elegance. A touch of fuchsia or a hint of orange under a jacket or cardigan will add a little warmth to a basic outfit.

3. A Beautiful White Blouse or a Draped White Blouse

Every woman should have a beautiful white blouse or a beautiful white blouse. For an elegant silhouette, opt for a fitted blouse, reduced on the waist. You can also opt for a model with a shirt collar that you will wear unbuttoned for a chic and relaxed clothes style at the same time.

4. Sweaters, Cardigans and Sweatshirts

Sweaters like cardigans have always been part of the elegant wardrobe of women. However, not all sweatshirts and pullovers are created equal. Choose safe colors and pay special attention to the quality and fibers used. Silk or cashmere is of course more expensive than cotton or wool but will offer more to your clothes style. Especially since the simple act of wearing cashmere helps us feel elegant.

5. Great Jacket or a Blazer

An elegant jacket simply paired with a skirt or pants easily offers a chic style. Adding a chic jacket to your wardrobe will allow you to add value and style to any of your clothes outfits. Jackets are known to slim the silhouette, especially those that are cinched at the waist. If you want to express your uniqueness, look for jackets designed in interesting materials, original cuts or vintage pieces.

6. Black Dress

This timeless creation has proven its worth and today it seems difficult to build a wardrobe without it. How do you choose the little black dress that you can wear over and over again, day after day? opt for a simple model but with a small detail that gives it character and will flatter your personal clothes style. It can be a dress with an original neckline.

You can also choose a black tuxedo dress with a neckline trimmed in tone-on-tone satin. A winter velvet dress with a crew neckline is a good place to start and will save you time and time again. Black sleeve less dresses are also more versatile. If you are used to traveling or wanting your dress to be unanimous, choose a black knee-length dress.

7. Black Pants

Essential! You must at least have dress black pants. Black pants are a great base for shaping many outfits and that’s why a modern woman’s wardrobe can’t do without them. Pick one that fits your figure perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy so as not to ruin your look.

8. Beige or Khaki Tapered Pants

True pillar of the feminine clothes wardrobe, it is difficult to do without these light cotton pants. As with the black pants, yours must fit perfectly. The length of the legs does not really matter as long as you are wearing the right shoes for it.

9. Skirt or a Day Dress

In recent decades, pants have been popular with most women. One might even think that it ended up replacing the skirts and dresses, a symbol of femininity, in our clothes wardrobes. If your wardrobe contains only women’s pants, try complimenting your wardrobe with one or two skirts and a dress. This will give you a wider choice of outfits. And then a little change will always be beneficial to your clothes style.

10. The Skirt or Pants

A fitted suit is a real added value to your chic and elegant wardrobe. You can wear it in the office or in the evening and you can separate the pieces to combine them with other clothes in your stylish wardrobe to create different looks.

If you are discreet by nature, go for neutral and formal hues like gray or black. This will give you the advantage of being able to keep it longer. If, on the other hand, you like to express your uniqueness, do not hesitate to opt for more daring shades.