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Excavators are heavy construction equipment used for earthmoving operations like mining and heavy lifting of loads and are an essential piece of heavy equipment in most construction sites. They’re large diesel-powered machines with a bucket attached at the front to allow them to create holes and trenches and lift heavy loads. However, the bucket can be switched with other attachments like rock breakers, couplers, cutters, etc., allowing them to clear brushes, drive piles, load and dump and perform various other heavy-duty operations. 

The most popular excavators are hydraulic excavators, also known as diggers. These excavators are versatile and can perform tasks ranging from constructing roads to mining gold and diamonds. Hydraulic excavators consist of hydraulic cylinders, a boom, a bucket and an arm. Adjusting the oil level in the hydraulic excavators increases the accuracy and efficiency of the excavator. 

Uses &Importance Of Excavators

Although an excavator might not seem that important to many, it plays a vital role in the construction, demolition and various other processes. An excavator can be of multiple uses and are essential in various aspects. 

  • EarthmovingProcesses: Extractors are mainly known for their Earthmoving abilities. The bucket attached to an extractor has teeth-like edges, which help in the scooping up of land, which helps in digging trenches and grading the landscape. 

It might not seem like digging trenches is essential in the construction process. Trenches are dug with the help of excavators to place wires and pipes, which would take a very long time if done manually. 

  • Demolition: Another well-known feature of excavators include demolition. Excavators play an essential role in demolition by applying pounds of energy to break concrete and other rigid materials. 
  • Underground Excavation: Underground excavation essentially means the creation of tunnels and passageways through digging done with the help of excavators. During underground excavation, operators generally use a combination of bucket and drill attachments. Augers using hydraulic circuits dig deep into the ground, making the task easier. As the space is limited, compact models of excavators are preferred for these tasks. 
  • Underwater Excavation: Not all excavators are known for operating underwater; however, some types can operate underwater. The attachments here include long attachment arms and roller chains which make it easier to navigate under such circumstances. 
  • Mining Processes: As the name suggests, hydraulic excavators specialize in mining operations. They use a bucket attachment to dig and pull the material back, helping in mining. Mining excavators can dig up to hundreds of cubic meters per hour, making the process much faster. 

Types Of Excavators

Excavators can be of various sizes, with different attachments, with distinct features and other uses. The difference can be in the size of the excavators or wheels or even the attachment used. Although it might not seem like it, choosing the right type of excavator plays a very important role in the efficiency and accuracy of the operation. There are three main types of excavators.

  • Standard Excavators: These excavators are enormous and best for bulk and heavy-lifting jobs. They weigh around 22,000-200,000 plus pounds. 
  • Midi Excavators: These types of excavators are generally used in confined areas where the work power requirements are less than standard excavators but more than mini excavators. They weigh around 13,000-22,000 plus pounds. 
  • Mini Excavators: These types of excavators are versatile and are used in confined spaces. They’re ideal for digging trenches, removing stumps and small demolition operations. They weigh less than 13,000 pounds. 

Winding Up 

All these excavators have their own set of functions to perform. We at Sany Excavators, the 5thlargest heavy machinery manufacturers, make sure to find you the most suitable excavators according to your needs, all at a budget-friendly rate. With a total of 5000 employees around the globe, We at Sany Excavators have built the largest hydraulic excavator R&D centre in China. Make sure to look after your needs and provide you with the most suitable excavator for your operations. 


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