4 Ever Stylish Linen Pant Looks For Mens

4 Ever Stylish Linen Pant Looks For Mens

Summer is approaching its peak, and everyone is siding with looks that feel airy and stylish at the same time. Without a doubt, it is a time when everyone wants the wardrobe to feel easy and breezy. One such clothing that doesn’t compromise both in terms of style quotient and the comfort factor is linen. Being a natural fabric, linen is everything you want in the perfect summer clothing. It is breathable, airy, and long-lasting; possesses moisture-wicking capabilities and is a timeless fad.

The added advantage is linen pants can be styled for both formal and casual events. Here are some promising ways to style linen pants and get compliments flying back at you.

The dressy look

Linen is the perfect material for dressy pieces like suits, especially in the summer. However, when approached the wrong way, it can lead to a wardrobe malfunction. If you are going for linen pants with suits, you must approach with care and address the nuances to pull off the perfect outfit.

The first thing you should focus on styling linen pants with a suit is the fit. The fit of your linen pant should be perfect. Baggy pants can break the look while a tight fit can make the whole outfit look uncomfortable. Also, an extremely tight suit won’t stretch which is exclusive for linen and add to the outfit’s beauty.

Go for a lighter formal suit in grey or tan. You can pair the linen pant with a baby pink or blue shirt for a crisp finish. Complete the ensemble with a pair of oxfords and look polished in the upcoming meeting or reception. For shoes, double monks and loafers are also a considerable choice.

If you want to up your game to the edge of luxury throw on a linen jacket to the mix. The jacket will tune in with the contemporary look and emanate the perfect summer look.

It’s all casual

Casual style and linen pants go hand in hand. And that’s why there are plenty of ways in which you can style the linen pant. For a friend’s birthday party, you can sport a casual floral shirt with light-coloured linen pants that compliments the shirt. It is also the perfect outfit to hit music fests. When it comes to the colour of the pant, stick to the colour that runs in the shirt’s background.

Want to look cool while you hit the beach and enjoy the waves? A white t-shirt with crisp and solid linen shorts is an unbeatable combo. For a more casual effect, leave the first few unbuttoned. You also get dark tone linen shirt, which you can flaunt with a pastel or neutral shirt. Complete the outfit with shades and take it easy by the waves.

If you don’t want to dive deep into casual, a monochrome look is perfect for you. Be it a Sunday brunch or an evening get-together, you will be the coolest guy in the room. Pick up some earth colours like green, brown or rust and stand out in the crowd. Induce some difference in the outfit with shades or shoes and make it interesting.

Vintage is the new fad

If you are an aesthetic lover, then you are going to love this style. Pair a baggy linen pant with an oversized sweatshirt and, you are good to go on with your favourite activity. The outfit gives super-aesthetic and vintage vibes. If you want to keep it simple, pair the outfit with sandals. If you love taking the outfit to the edge, opt for dad sneakers and make the ensemble authentic.

You should handle the elements of the outfit with caution or you may break the final look. Here are some things you should keep in mind with this outfit. First, stick to a baggy men’s linen trousers. Next, make sure that the sweatshirt is made of light material like cotton, or you would take the full wrath of heat and sweat like a river.

The basic

It is not always possible to find the right pieces to go together. And, there is not always time to put together the perfect ensemble. That’s why here is a basic look to style your linen pants without much effort. This is an everyday look to run errands and get through an ordinary day without looking sloppy.

Grab a simple white or black t-shirt and pair it with charcoal linen pants. Complete this basic look with a pair of every day sneakers. You can spice up this outfit by focusing on some details like rings and bracelets. If you love a quirky style, tuck in the t-shirt, and hop into a pair of funky socks and sneakers. On the whole, the basic outfit will never give you up, even on a boring day.

A tip on linen pant colours and fit

Neutral and pastel-coloured men’s linen trousers are always the show-stealers. If you are buying a pair of linen pants go for colours like charcoal, white, beige, and pastel pink, green, and blue. Since linen is mostly a summer fabric, nothing says summer like light shades. Black linen is a big no as it doesn’t give the linen vibe and becomes a normal black pant. If you prefer darker shades, choose something like charcoal or grey. If you love experimenting, why don’t you get your hands on a pair of lavender coloured linen pants?

Now coming to the fit of linen pants, they should be like any other trousers. The pant should end at end of the ankle and have a slim to straight fit without restricting movement. Don’t forget that linen is not stretchy fabric, so always have room for thighs and rock your outfit without any restriction.


There is no right way to style a garment and, the same goes with linen pants. With these styles as a base, you can experiment and find out the perfect style that works for you. All you have to do is grab your linen pants and start styling.

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